Manufacturing Design

RIW makes testing of each process in quality, benchmarking, molding, raw materials, patents and original parts with ZW3D or AutoCAD for designing products. Product feasibility studies are being carried out in the process of commissioning new products in line with the requests from our customers.

In order to offer the equal or better quality to the market, RIW studies on OE parts which are the main tools in production design.

By applying its long years of experiences on designs and configuration processes, RIW offers the most economical, the safest and the highest quality solutions to its customers by designing the most productive products.

Being the solution partner in the every area is the main principle of RIW. By blending its experiences with the integration of computer aided design, engineering and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) methods, RIW targets continously development and improvement for the next item and process.


RIW Automotive carries out the production of machining with latest technology CNC machining centers used worldwide and custom-made PLC control quality machineries.

RIW renders products that have passed the testing and approval processes by managing all processes from design stage to mass production in the frame of customer needs and requirements. Designs of product and its process are run in combination of study in a product-focused philosophy.

As in all other manufacturing processes, machining is planned and controlled by our MRP & ERP applications. At the same time, our production control methods ensure continuous improvement and control of all processes in an efficient and zero-error process.

Welding and Coating-Painting

Pressed parts in controlled ve Appropriate dimensions are combined with high technology in gas and automatic spot welding machines. Link Stabilizer of spot welding machines are manufactured with high quality and zero error attitude.


RIW products meet all expectations of customers needs in painting and coating with the latest technology coating types such as manganese phosphate, cataphoresis paint, cr+3 paint, geomet and dacromet coating. Health of employees, environment protection and resistance against rust are our priority in coating.




Semi-finished products that are assembled with servo plastering presses are also planned and fully controlled by ERP & MRP applications. Besides 100% visual and operational controls in assembling process, controling the torque level with special torque devices, tensile testing, and durability tests are also some of control methods which are held during the assembly process. Mass production process initial control, process control and final control are supported by the assembly process.

Working tables which are created by taking model of work ergonomics improves productivity and motivation of colleagues as well as increases process efficiency. Moreover, continuous improvement principle has been adopted with 5S applications for appropriate working environment.



In the marking process which is made before packaging; laser marking is written on a pre-determined area on the item that end user can see it easily. In this process, by using the laser machine; the RIW logo, RIW product code and production date (month/year)  are overwritten on the products. In addition, mass production numbers or marks are also written on the products to track work orders and mass production processes to determine sources of any subject in any kind of claims.




It is the final phase of packaging to make the products ready for the delivery of the products that have completed the assembly and marking process. Robust plastic bags and special designed boxes which are for produced in certain dimensions are used in the packaging process. Each product is placed in plastic bags and then packed in boxes which are in specific thicknesses. After the labeling and safety hologram is stuck on the box, then product is ready for presenting to the market. Control arms which are on certain weights and dimensions, and also other products with these dimensions and weights are only packaged in plastic bags. The ball joints of the control arms (assembled) placed in these plastic bags of a certain thickness are absolutely kept with dust covers.



In RIW private labels, the design was created to identify the product easily. The labels information include the RIW code, OEM codes to identify the product, the product description, the product quantity in the box, barcode and the QR barcode of the product. By scanning the QR barcode, end users can access the online catalog and find out about the detailed product information.


* Name of all vehicles, brands, models, symbols and logos, OE numbers and other third party numbers in this website and catalog are used for reference purposes only.
Suspension Mounting Front
KIA (II JB) 2005 - 2011
Suspension Mounting Front
KIA (I DC) 2000 - 2005
Suspension Mounting Front
KIA (I JC, BL) 2002 - 2009
Suspension Mounting Front
KIA (I ED) 2006 - 2012
54625-1H000, 5462...
Steering Bellow Front
HYUNDAI (MD, UD) 2012 - 2017
57740-3X200, 5774...
Steering Bellow Front
DAIHATSU (G200) 1994 - 2000
56528-02000, 5777...