Human Resources

Human Resources Philosophy

RIW operating in the automotive industry with the successful customer and employee satisfaction studies in human resources employee satisfaction based on RIW. RIW's most important factor in success is the success of qualified human resources and employee know and is in a continuous development in human resources.

Our company is a strategic When performing the target, to allow our employees the opportunity to give their own development, Human resources are a crucial element of our policies.


Our Values Human Resources

In the automotive industry with high technology and quality human resource professionals engaged in the production RIW the implementation of management, employees satisfied and is dependent work of many industry professionals is a company wants.

Fee Management

Automotive RIW a fair and competitive wage system equivalent in policy yapmaktadır.sektör position and intra-company balances are determined by taking charge. In recruitment fees, as required by the basic position and the competencies of individuals, business in terms of responsibilities, education and work experience of the candidates on the basis of the evaluation results is determined.


Selection and Placement

Automotive RIW of applicants, knowledge and skills, as a basic requirement to be appropriate to the position will prevail. Candidates' level of education, knowledge and skills, experiences, taking into account the evaluation is made.

Orientation Training and Beginning

Automotive RIW new employees, training activities, the company that provides quick and easy fit Orientation Program begins with RIW. Business per person, depending on the position that the changing orientation program is received.



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Engine Mounting Front
HONDA (IV) 2012 - 2017
50830-T0A-A81, 50...
Engine Mounting Rear
ACURA (I TB1) 2007 - 2012
50890-SNA-A81, 50...
Engine Mounting Rear
HONDA (IV) 2008 - 2013
Engine Mounting Rear
ACURA (YA4) 2001 - 2003
50806-S0K-A80, 50...
Engine Mounting Front Left
HONDA (VIII HB) 2006 - 2012
50850-SNA-305, 50...
Engine Mounting Front Left
HONDA (VIII HB) 2006 - 2012