Packing System

It is the final phase of packaging to make the products ready for the delivery of the products that have completed the assembly and marking process. Robust plastic bags and special designed boxes which are for produced in certain dimensions are used in the packaging process. Each product is placed in plastic bags and then packed in boxes which are in specific thicknesses.

After the labeling and safety hologram is stuck on the box, then product is ready for presenting to the market. Control arms which are on certain weights and dimensions, and also other products with these dimensions and weights are only packaged in plastic bags. The ball joints of the control arms (assembled) placed in these plastic bags of a certain thickness are absolutely kept with dust covers.

Box Packing

Bag Packing

Labeling System


Working tables which are created by taking model of work ergonomics improves productivity and motivation of colleagues as well as increases process efficiency. Moreover, continuous improvement principle has been adopted with 5S applications for appropriate working environment.

The private design plastic bag that we use for the packaging before putting items inside of individual boxes.

The labels information include the RIW code, OEM codes to identify the product, the product description, the product quantity in the box, barcode and the QR barcode of the product. By scanning the QR barcode, end users can access the online catalog and find out about the detailed product information. dir.




Product Shipment

Providing easy tracking by creating special barcode code for each product,

Establishment of correct product shipment by making weight control system for product boxes,

Thanks to the ERP Systems that are used,

Thanks to the integrated systems, it is possible to see the product shipment status with the cargo tracking system,



Export Policy

RIW is the most preferred and sought-after suspension spare parts company in the sector by exporting to more than 60 countries in 6 continents abroad. RIW has always been at the forefront of its customers with the fastest delivery of customers' demands and the fast shipping power of land, sea and air.

In addition to standard products that are widely accepted in the product market and widely accepted in the export markets, RIW also maintains a vision of local product development specific to export markets, which is distinguished from other manufacturers.

RIW, with its goal of continuous growth in exports, has begun to study the misfortunes of overseas office organizations in order to increase its proximity to markets in different geographical regions.


* Name of all vehicles, brands, models, symbols and logos, OE numbers and other third party numbers in this website and catalog are used for reference purposes only.
Control Arm Bushing Front Big
BUICK (II) 1975 - 1975
335887, 335897, 3...
Engine Mounting
SUBARU (SJ) 2013 - 2019
41022-AA310, 4102...
Engine Mounting
SUBARU 2003 - 2006
Engine Mounting Lower
SSANGYONG 2005 - 2006
Engine Mounting Left
PORSCHE (970) 2009 - 2016
Engine Mounting Right
PORSCHE (970) 2009 - 2016