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RIW is an organization that produces high quality suspension and steering parts for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the automotive aftermarket industr. RIW aims to improve the automotive industry and benefit the country's economy with the target of safely using the vehicle by the end user. As one of the widest range steering and suspension parts manufacturer in the world, production and assembling facilitieis of RIW contains operations of the following product lines in steering and suspenion group for the aftermarket; ball joint, tie rod end, axial joint (inner tie rod), tie rod assembly, link stabilizer, center rot, control arm, wishbone, bush, mount and rubber products.



As a result of wide product range, high product quality, reasonable price and customer-focused studies, RIW takes the first place among the largest spare parts company in Turkey. Through execution of Research and Development in the production of the  steering and suspension parts of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles,  and at the most advanced and technological conditions, RIW is Turkey's most modern spare parts manufacturer.

The culture of the company takes product quality, techological development and customer satisfaction as the priority; therefore Automotive Aftermarket Industy use RIW brand product with confident. By taking advantage of latest technology machinings in its modern production facility, and also taking employee safety as the main priciple in the every stage of the production; from design to production, production to quality, packaging to delivery, marketing to sales RIW has succeeded to be a respectable brand in more than 60 countries worldwide.



Providing the latest developed item to the market in high quality as the first in the aftermarket and improving product quality in the every part of the World.



Spreading the "RIW Standards" which is made by advanced technology and aftermarket experiences to benefit the whole world.


Production Strategy

RIW engineers control every stage of the production processes such as product design, mold design, machining, hot and cold forging, aluminum forging, vertical and horizontal arm milling machining, control arm manufacturing, welding, painting, coating and packaging, in its facilities seperately. RIW accepts each stage of production as a different unit and advocates the idea that in order to provide the fastest and highest quality product each unit should act as a separate process during its planning for assembling and production. Hence, in this competitive market conditions where it is difficult to reach large capital numbers, RIW invests in the direction of quality control and development.

In contrast to the mindset that every single step in the production is under one roof, RIW ensures that the raw materials and semi-finished products are continuously inspected by experienced engineers and always keeps its quality under control in each stage of the production process. With this system, thanks to the latest technology machinery and test equipment used to apply quality testing at every stage, RIW always offers 100% controlled products to its customers and both minimizes the risk of error to zero and aims to offer competitive prices to the customers by decreasing the product costs.


Total Quality

RIW that aspires total quality approach has constantly increased its production capacity upon investments and quality works made and has become a preferred brand in the world aftermarket. Acting with the awareness of being a manufacturer of safety components, RIW actively exports its high-quality products to many countries located in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Australia, North and South America.

At all stages from the start to the end of production, RIW closely monitors anc checks the quality of its products and ensures that reliable and high quality products are offered to its customers. All tests and procedures are carried out by highly experienced RIW engineers until they find the right quality to develop the aftermarket industry.


Proud to be member of Auto Care Association!

The 500,000 businesses in the auto care industry form a coast-to-coast network of independent manufacturers, distributors, repair shops, marketers and retailers small and large. At its core, this integrated grid of professionals is dedicated to providing the quality parts, products and vehicle service and repair for all 254 million cars and trucks on the road today in the USA and Canada.

North America division of RIW is member of the industry voice for the $300 billion plus auto care market.  Auto Care Association serves more than 2,000 member companies representing approximately 150,000 independent businesses that manufacture, distribute and sell motor vehicle parts, accessories, tools, equipment, materials and supplies, and perform vehicle service and repair. Membership in the Auto Care Association means access to advocacy, education, networking, technology, market intelligence and communications resources to help your business thrive.


TecDoc Certified Data Supplier!

RIW is certified data supplier of TecDoc which is a leading online catalog and b2b platform to present global qualified auto parts suppliers. Only those in accordance with TecDoc standards and pass an on site strict exam and evaluation can be awarded as TecDoc Certified Data Supplier. They are approved to be real manufacturers that have physical plant buildings or their own brands with workers employed.

Over 6000 RIW references are represented in TecDoc Web Service that gives customers online access to data, catalogue searches, articles and functions. It represents the best solution for designing procurement platforms with an individual user interface and personal design with monthly updated TecDoc data.

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Control Arm Bushing Front Big
BUICK (II) 1975 - 1975
335887, 335897, 3...
Engine Mounting
SUBARU (SJ) 2013 - 2019
41022-AA310, 4102...
Engine Mounting
SUBARU 2003 - 2006
Engine Mounting Lower
SSANGYONG 2005 - 2006
Engine Mounting Left
PORSCHE (970) 2009 - 2016
Engine Mounting Right
PORSCHE (970) 2009 - 2016