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No Image RIW Code Make Product Groups Position OEM Code
1 HN1006 ACURA Ball Joint Front Right-Left Upper 51270-S84-A01, 51270-SR3-023
2 HN5009 ACURA Control Arm Front Right Lower 51355SV4000, 51355-SV4000, 51355SV7A00, RBJ100690
3 HN5010 ACURA Control Arm Front Left Lower 51365SV4000, 51365-SV4000, 51365SV7A00, RBJ100720
4 HN5013 ACURA Control Arm Rear Right Upper 52390-SM5A03, 52400SM5A03, 52400-SM5A03
5 HN5014 ACURA Control Arm Rear Left Upper 52400SM5A03, 52400-SM5A03
6 HN6023 ACURA Control Arm Front Right Upper 51450-SM1A03, 51450SV4000, 51450-SV4000, 51450SV4A00, 51450-SV4A00, GSJ410, GSJ424
7 HN6024 ACURA Control Arm Front Left Upper 51460-SM1A03, 51460SV4000, 51460-SV4000, 51460SV4A00, 51460-SV4A00, GSJ409, GSJ423
8 HN11001 ACURA Bush 51393SN7003, 51393-SN7003, RBX100431
9 HN11002 ACURA Bush Center 51810SM4003, 51810SM4013, 51810-SM4013
10 HN1002 ACURA Ball Joint Front Right-Left Upper 51220-S84-A02, 51220-SM1-A01, 51270SR3013, 51460S1AE01S1, 51460S1-AE0-1S1, 51520-SM4-013, GSJ1002
11 HN1005 ACURA Ball Joint Front Right-Left Lower 51220S04003, 51220S0AJ01, 51220S4KA00, 51220S84A01, 51220S84A02, 51220SDAA02, 51220SF1003, 51220SM1A01
12 HN2007 ACURA Tie Rod End Front Right 53540S1AE01, 53540SM4003, 53540-SM4003, 53540SM4004, 53540-SM4004, 53540SV4003, 53540SV4013, 53540-SV4-013
13 HN2008 ACURA Tie Rod End Front Left 53540S84A01, 53560S1AE01, 53560SM4003, 53560-SM4003, 53560-SM4004, 53560SV0003, 53560SV4003, 53560SV4013
14 HN3011 ACURA Axial Joint Front Right-Left 53010S84A01, 53010-S84A01
15 HN4010 ACURA Link Stabilizer Front Right 51320S84A01, 51320-S84A01, 51320-S84A02, 51320SDAA05, 51320SEAE01
16 HN4011 ACURA Link Stabilizer Front Left 51321S84A01, 51321-S84A01, 51321SDAA05, 51321SEAE01
17 HN4012 ACURA Link Stabilizer Rear Right 52320S84A01, 52320-S84A01, 52320-SFYJ01
18 HN4013 ACURA Link Stabilizer Rear Left 52325S84A01, 52325-S84A01, 52325-SFYJ01
19 HN4038 ACURA Link Stabilizer Front Right-Left 90112SE0000, 90112-SE0-000, 90112SK7000, 90112-SK7-000
20 HN5007 ACURA Control Arm Front Right Lower 51355-SM4010, 51355-SM4030, 51355SM4040, 51355-SM4040
21 HN5008 ACURA Control Arm Front Left Lower 51365-SM4010, 51365-SM4030, 51365SM4040, 51365-SM4040
22 HN6025 ACURA Control Arm Front Right Upper 51450S84A01, 51450-S84A01, 51540-S1A-E01
23 HN6026 ACURA Control Arm Front Left Upper 51460-S1A-E01, 51460-S84A01, 51460S84A1
24 HN6027 ACURA Control Arm Front Right Upper 51450-S1AE01, 51450S84A01, 51540-S84-A01
HN6027J ACURA Control Arm Front Right Upper 51460-S1AE01*
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Suspension Kit Front
SEAT (6L2) 2002 - 2009
Suspension Kit Front
RENAULT (II) 2003 - 2009
Suspension Kit Front
FIAT (194) 2005 - 2011
Suspension Kit Front
CHEVROLET 2002 - 2008
Suspension Kit Front
NISSAN (C11) 2004 - 2012
Ball Joint Front Right-Left
CITROEN (MF) 1996 -
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