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RIW Automotive Distribution sec. ve Tic. Inc. to operate in the automotive aftermarket industry has been established. Broad range of products, high quality, reasonable prices and customer-oriented studies As a result of Turkey's largest spare parts company today among studies almaktadır.arg By combining technology with the production of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles front suspension at the forefront of the team is located.

RIW technology, quality and customer satisfaction, keeping in the forefront, both in Turkey and the world's many countries are at the forefront of their industry. Modern production facilities with the latest technology product from design to production machine park, from production quality, sales and after-sales services in the areas of employee satisfaction with them in Turkey and has managed to become a world brand.



And technology, continuous self-improvement, customer and employee satisfaction in the foreground, the environment and be sensitive to people, without compromising the quality of the latest technology products as a company that produces high quality and Turkey and the world to deliver affordable products to the market.


Spreading the "RIW Standards" which is made by advanced technology and aftermarket experiences to benefit the whole world.


Production Technology

We use advanced technology, high quality and provide maximum benefit to our customers as a result of products we offer. Thus, our company has grown with each passing day and the limits of gelişmiştir. Quality surpassing Europe, Africa, America, Australia and Asia meet with their clients are.

Our company's products include suspension parts (Tie Rod End, ball joint, swing, z-rot and stem rot) Is located. The parts we produce include automotive and light commercial vehicles.



Production Quality

RIW was established on the basis of automotive quality. Quality is our company's value being the highest priority and our most important features of our brand has to offer. Within our own research and development Thanks to our department every day improving our range of products, high quality service to our customers we aim to provide.

Each of our products many times before  sending to our point of sale passes through quality control and holographic box is offered to our customers. Whereby Our product is opened for the first time and are used by end-users.   


Total Qualty

Our company aims at the total quality approach, investment and quality work As a result, continuously increasing production capacity and market both in Turkey and abroad has become a sought-after brands in the market. TSE, our products have ISO 9001 quality certificate as of today in Europe, Africa, America, Australia and many countries in Asia actively in the We export our products.

First at all stages up to the end of the beginning of the automotive RIW, product quality closely monitored and the provision of high quality products to their customers safe and sure it is. Each of our products quality several times before sending to our point of sale and holographic box to be checked by our customers are presented. Whereby Our product is opened for the first time and are used by end-users. Products Riwi expert on technical analysis by engineers, endurance tests and life tests are performed according to the original product of our products are made many improvements and enhancements.

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Bush Rear
FORD (WA6)) 05.2006 - 06.2015
Link Stabilizer Rear Right
MAZDA (ER)) 2007 - -
F15134170, F32Z5K...
Link Stabilizer Rear Left
MAZDA (ER)) 2007 - -
F15134150, F32Z5K...
Link Stabilizer Front Right
BMW (F20) 10.2011 -
Link Stabilizer Front Left
BMW (F20) 10.2011 -
Bush Rear
FORD (DM2) 02.2007 - 09.2010
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