Quality and Safety

RIW everything from automotive customers gives great importance to the security. So you It offers reliable and high quality products. Our production facilities of the self-concept of total quality has been our aim, our company is given due attention to quality at all levels. With the logic of the same quality in the whole production line production line production ended gerçekleşmektedir.riw tech production machines followed in the whole production process, quality kullanılmaktadır.hedeflen

Riw Automotive
Production Quality

RIW was established on the basis of automotive quality. Quality is our company's value being the highest priority and our most important features of our brand has to offer. Within our own research and development Thanks to our department every day improving our range of products, high quality service to our customers we aim to provide.

Each of our products many times before sending to our point of sale passes through quality control and holographic box is offered to our customers. Whereby Our product is opened for the first time and are used by end-users. Our company aims at the total quality approach, investment and quality work As a result, continuously increasing production capacity and market both in Turkey and abroad has become a sought-after brands in the market. TSE, our products have ISO 9001 quality certificate as of today in Europe, Africa, America, Australia and many countries in Asia actively in the We export our products.

First at all stages up to the end of the beginning of the automotive RIW, product quality closely monitored and the provision of high quality products to their customers safe and sure it is. Each of our products quality several times before sending to our point of sale and holographic box to be checked by our customers are presented. Whereby Our product is opened for the first time and are used by end-users. Products Riwi expert on technical analysis by engineers, endurance tests and life tests are performed according to the original product of our products are made many improvements and enhancements.

Riw Automotive
Quality Policy

  • Technological production and high quality production.
  • Manufactured in the process until the last customer to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront.
  • Company employees contribute to the company's goals to provide the maximum in the matrix.
  • Company employees' knowledge, skills and Lycra to increase.
  • Company-wide honest, fair and provide a safe working environment.
  • the development of our suppliers to care and contribute to this development.
  • respecting people and the environment to ensure a healthy and safe working environment.
  • All ISG carry out production according to the rules and regulations.
  • To prepare and implement social responsibility projects.

Riw Automotive
Health and Safety

Environmental and OHS policy, people and the environment we live in is based on respect for. safe and to provide a healthy working environment, all within the limits of their authority to do what is necessary is required. One of our most important goals, all of our employees and our environment of our activities is to protect against the potential risks. For the protection of our employees and the environment from hazards to identify hazards, assess and necessary measures are taken against them.

Riw Automotive
Quality Certificates

Has ISO 9001 quality certificates.

Quality Management System requirements need to be fulfilled during the creation of defined standards and certification is subject to audit. Given the name of this document is called ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 International Standard Organization (ISO) by the international standards published in the European Community countries, including many countries certification model has been implemented as an international Quality Management Standard and is 8 Quality Principles are based on.

Customer Focus

Organizations depend on customers, so we must understand the customer's current and future needs, should meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations should be willing to.


Leaders of the organization, unity of purpose and provides administration. Leaders of individuals, organizations achieve the objectives of full participation in the internal environment that must create and maintain.

Participation of People

Is the essence of people at all levels of an organization and their full involvement enables the ability for the benefit of the organization.

Process Approach

Desired result, actions and related resources in a more efficient process is obtained when the managed.

System Approach to Management

Defined as a system of processes related to each other, understanding and managing the organization's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the objectives is to contribute to.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement of the overall performance of the organization, should be the permanent objective of the organization.

Realistic Approach to Decision Making

Effective decisions are based on analysis of data and information.

Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

An organization and its suppliers are independent of each other and mutually beneficial relationship, both reinforces the ability to create value.

Insurance Certificates

Suspension set our products are covered by insurance in many countries of Turkey and the world.

Riw Automotive